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 Silicon Graphics
Business focus: high-performing computing
Project: turn-key collateral system
Delivered: collateral template kit: brochures, signage, advertising, invitations, flyers, give-aways
Business Problem

Silicon Graphics began to realize that the corporate branding and identity guidelines just weren't enough to sustain the brand integrity in remote offices and in the field. Communication materials were surfacing that differed radically from the corporate look and feel. Unreasonable deadlines began affecting the corporate creative team, and creative costs were on the rise.

OnCall Solution

The creative team devised a turn-key approach for the field and remote offices. Each SGI office received easy-to-follow templates for event signage and invitations, and retail advertising. Collateral, give-aways, and flyers were produced in bulk and placed in a fulfillment house. The process allowed employees to order materials and customized them for regional events or promotions.

Proven Results

This solution allowed for employees to independently develop and produce sales and marketing tools while sustaining the brand, decreasing work duplications and saving up to 43% in creative and product costs. As a result, the corporation was able to comfortably build consistent visibility, and global brand and identity recognition.


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