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 MPlayer Entertainment Network
Business focus: Internet gaming
Project: advertising campaign
Delivered: print advertising; Web and print media kit
Business Problem

Mplayer Entertainment Network had the most innovative advertising solutions for targeting the 18-34 entertainment consumer, including strategic product placement and full-screen, TV-like interstitials that incorporate rich media for the web.

But ad sales were flat. The reason: Mplayer wasn't reaching the audience that was purchasing the advertising - the media buyers.

OnCall Solution

The first phase of the integrated campaign was to create a look and feel that portrayed the Mplayer audience, but would appeal to the media buyer.

Secondly, it was important to place the communications where the media buyers go. Last but not least, we needed to develop tools that would help the sales force sell the ad space.

OnCall developed a look and feel portraying young, hip, and affluent adults. We then took this look and feel and created the print advertising to be placed in AdWeek and BrandWeek and developed an editable media kit for both the Web and print.

We also pumped up the public relations efforts, and hit the media trade magazine touting the Nielsen/NetRatings and Media Metrix reports.

Proven Results

This relatively simple and inexpensive campaign had impressive results. The online advertising sales jumped 36%.


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