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 HearMe, Inc.
Business focus: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
Project: business-to-business corporate identity development and awareness campaign
Delivered: corporate identity; collateral; direct mail; website
Business Problem

HearMe, Inc. began as a community and consumer-oriented dot-com business model. The look and feel worked for consumer-based businesses, but when executives decided to reposition the company to a business-to-business model, the look of HearMe had to move from whimsy to serious business.

OnCall Solution

Repositioning the HearMe brand focused on the new company mission, business application, product naming, corporate identity, and advertising tag lines.

Once that was accomplished, the outbound marketing for the company was kicked off with an integrated campaign that included a new website, collateral, direct response, online, TV, print, and radio advertising, press events, press coverage, and new sales tools.

Proven Results

The results were impressive. Stock rose 19%, press and analysts took notice, raising awareness and elevating press coverage 31% and incremental sales rose 32%.


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